Backup Plans

It seems like a hundred million billion years ago that I interviewed with Teach For America, but it is still over two weeks until I find out if I am accepted.  Time ticks, and I get increasingly more nervous and frustrated with my situation–desperate for this chance to do something meaningful with my life. 

To do something meaningful–isn’t that what everybody wants?

Teach For America, need I remind you, is a highly-selective, not to mention effective organization that plucks up forlorn college graduates such as myself and deposits them for two years into high-need schools throughout the country.  The schools get creative, intelligent young people with a deep desire to make a difference, not to mention intensive training under their belts and a fire from on-high under their asses to bring up standards in their schools.  Meanwhile, the new teachers get certified, make a decent salary, recieve grants to pay off debt and/or further their own education, and get to add a prestigious title to their CVs.  Everybody wins.  

Two years (or three, or four) of a tough, though meaningful, prestigious life, and then (dare I dream?) I can apply to grad school for history. 

But, if on the 18th of January I find out that TFA isn’t right for me, I have to have some sort of “backup plan”,  to keep me from running my car into the concrete median.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

If I don’t get into Teach For America I will apply instead to AmeriCorps.  AmeriCorps is another special org out there for young ‘uns like myself.  Although I won’t be paying off my debt, I will, if I get a position, be able to do something meaningful for one year, hopefully something agriculture or environment and/or education related. 

That would most likely begin in the fall, leaving me with another summer in Madison for some farming and time to take the GRE.  But in fall, when I would begin with AmeriCorps,  I could also apply to an MA in Teaching program at some tasty University beginning Fall of  ’12, and in another year or so I could be certified. 

It’s not the stupendous short-cut that TFA is, but it sounds like a worthy adventure none-the-less.

Alternatively, I am also seriously considering applying to the Peace Corps instead of AmeriCorps.   That would be two and a half years of service god knows where, during which my loans would be paused and after which I could transition into getting certified to teach or graduate school.

I want to go somewhere, do something difficult and slightly dangerous.  I want to help people.  I am free, unattached, can go anywhere at any time. 

Somewhere there has got to be an adventure for me.


~ by Rachael on January 1, 2011.

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