Academic Irony

It seems like a hundred years ago that I donned this unisex monstrosity and of course the funny hat to walk across the stage at the Kohl Center with the best of them.  Two months later I got my shiny diploma in the mail, reading “BA in History Har Har Har.”  The day after that I had promptly forgotten all about it.

I was never the senioritis kind of gal.  I knew full well that I had it made in undergrad, frolicking the livelong day with the merry magical knowledge gnomes, but even so I was happy to be getting the heck out of Dodge, as my father (see above) would say.  I was fried, couldn’t write another word, and I needed a break.  And I was sure that, given some effort, in no time I would be doing something even more badass and awesome with my time anyway.   Traveling the world, or, you know, something GRAND like that.

Well, it’s been almost exactly a year since this photograph was taken, and I am happy to say I am finally doing something challenging once again.  I applied–I got in.  It’s going to be tough, and foreign, and it will tax me to the core.

I have become… a Guest Auditor.

Yes, you heard right.  Guest Auditor.  After one year of academic freedom, not only am I still hanging out in Madison, I have decided to begin taking classes on my own dime and for no credit whatsoever.  Just because I want to.  Just because I can.  Because I am a nerd.  Because I am a masochist.

Come next Tuesday, I will be in Art History 415: “Image and Word in Medieval Manuscripts” with Professor Thomas Dale as well as History of Science 322: “Ancient and Medieval Science” with Professor Michael Shank.  Translation: I will have to restrain myself daily from being intimate with every book I find.  O, sweet University, never will I take thy damp, concrete interiors for granted again! Tomorrow I’m going down to pick up my course packet at the copy shop, and I may have to bring a chaperone to name sure I don’t stand on any tables to do the pointy finger dance.

School is cool. (Again.)


~ by Rachael on January 10, 2011.

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