Winter Ninja

It occurred to me yesterday that, since I’ll be moving to Oklahoma in June, this is my last Wisconsin winter.  My Last. Wisconsin. Winter.  Maybe ever.  Give me just a minute to let that sink in…

This realization came to me last night, when with the wind chill the temperature was -30 degrees.  I was working front desk as usual, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who walked in the door had to complain about it. Even the taciturn ones looked at me in despair, as though I were the one forcing the mercury to drop, personally causing them all this terrible grief.

Most of our guests, not surprisingly, are “not from ’round here”.  We have a lot of people from the South.  They seem to be on the verge of tears at all times these days.  This makes me, I admit it, feel just a little bit superior.  I mean, I’ve been living through these winters for 25 years.  It only gets truly antarctic barbecue cold a few days a year, so we all just bundle up and bear it.  It builds character.

I woke up early and began strapping on the layers.  This is no time to think about fashion or even comfort.  This is about survival, baby.

It’s like a puzzle.  Walking to class meant I had a good 15 minutes each way in which to figure out a way not to die.  I went with the obvious solution: Winter Ninja, leave no skin exposed.  And I was victorious.  The trick is tucking the scarf over the tops of your ears before you pull on the hat.

Other than almost getting hit by a car on Dayton St. because my glasses were too fogged up to see, the morning went rather well.  I lived, I went to class, I learned about Egyptian surgical texts, and nothing too vital froze.  I felt bad for/laughed at a number of moron kids wearing tennis shoes and Columbia fleeces instead of coats.  One chap was running down Charter St. with his bare hands cupped over his bare ears, red as a stop sign.  Part of me wanted to give him my scarf.  A much larger part said: survival of the fittest.

After class I went to Indie Cafe and sat by the foggy window and drank chai and read a scathing article written by a historian of Babylonian sciences and part of a chapter on the feminine divine theology of Hildegard of Bingen.  I reveled in every minute of it.  Because these are luxuries I will soon have to leave behind me, luxuries made even more luxurious knowing just how cozy -30 can be.


~ by Rachael on January 21, 2011.

One Response to “Winter Ninja”

  1. Believe me, you miss it when it’s gone… Even the -30 bits.

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