You Are A Nerd, In Good, Nerdy Company

My roomie Chris had his phone interview for grad school today.  It went very well.  We decided to celebrate.  And celebrate in our vocabulary means just one thing, which also happens to be #15 on my Wisconsin Bucket List: Make Frangelico Milkshakes.

Recipe for Frangelico Milkshakes:

Ingredients: chocolate and vanilla ice cream, milk, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur.

Put preferred amount of each into in a monstrous blender, ca. 1972.  Blend on “grizzly bear indigestion” setting until smooth.  Add colorful milkshake straw.  Enjoy forever.

Knowing it was Frangelico milkshake night got me through a very rough day at work.  Energetic new boss trying to shake things up and enforce a dress code.  Fifty angry guests all shouting about rate hikes yadda yadda yadda.  No extra towels to be had.  Indian guests trying to negotiate rates over and over no matter how many times you say no (not racist, the truth).  Oh, and yes, a meth deal in the lobby, which called for speedy police intervention.

Just another day.  FML.

Well, I arrived home in one piece, and Chris and I toasted to his success with a frothy, alcoholic milkshake around midnight, which made everyone feel a lot better.  While we sipped, we talked about nerdy this and that.  How Stanley Kubrick terrorized actors to get good results.  How Stephen King doesn’t even remember writing Cujo.  How they’re making American Gods into a movie, at last.

We also mused over how we gage popularity and coolness based on some cryptic scale that most of society just cannot interpret.   This was brought up because I have to go get my fingerprints taken for the second time at the police station tomorrow, in order to get an Arizona Substitute Teaching Certificate.  It is my hope that the lady at the station will recognize me, because being remembered at the police station for having to get your fingerprints done so often would be a large feather in my coolness cap.   For seriously.

Tonight’s post isn’t anything well thought out or introspective, as you can see.  No Pulitzer Prize winning journalism here, I’m afraid.  I just wanted to take the minute I have left before I go to sleep to point out to future Rachael that, as of April 7, 2011, she is one lucky nerd in good, nerdy company.

Dear Future Rachael, I’m sure you are currently very happy in Tulsa, livin’ it up, teaching the children, but as of April 7, 2011, no matter how frustrated and impatient and pissed off you may be, you are a nerd in good, nerdy company.  Appreciate it.

In closing I bring you tonight’s final conversation:

Chris: I know what I’m going to do with your room once you move out.

Rachael: Oh, yes?

Chris: Naked sword fighting room.

Rachael: Hm, but who would you fight with?

Chris: I don’t know. I’ll invite people over. It’ll be like Fight Club only way more awesome.

Rachael: Hm, I think I have a better idea.

Chris: Oh, yes?

Rachael: Yes, obvious answer: ball pit.

Chris: YES, only no because they are too expensive.

Rachael: You’re right. I love that we both know how expensive a ball pit would actually be.

Chris:  Well yes, because we’ve both looked up the cost and practicality of one.  It’s the curse of adulthood: we are finally old enough to build a ball pit but also old enough to know how expensive one would really be.

Rachael: Yes, you’re right, but I have the solution. Instead of buying a bunch of little balls like at McDonalds or something, which are really expensive,

Chris: [interrupts] WALMART!

Rachael: Exactly. Instead of filling a room this high with little balls you fill a room THIS HIGH with BIG BALLS from Walmart!

Chris: Yes!

[Insert fit of ridiculous laughter.]

Chris: Wait. We’re sitting here talking about big balls.  I’m going to bed.

Rachael: Probably for the best, yes.  Goodnight.

Chris: Goodnight.


~ by Rachael on April 8, 2011.

One Response to “You Are A Nerd, In Good, Nerdy Company”

  1. I completely forgot Frangelico milkshakes was on the bucket list! Go us.

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