Sorting My Thoughts

I call it “Compassionate Action,” or “Rachael Dabbles in Buddhism.”

The photo is by Trinity, on flickr: Bodhisattva Guanyin; 11th/12th century A.D

It’s not that I must sacrifice myself for the sake of others, Self-sacrifice is destructive and can beget only destruction.

It is, rather, that I must awaken to a new truth– The truth that I am connected to all others,

And to all life and movement on the planet.

In heading inward, detaching from the meaningless details of the world,

I may in fact reenter the world without the illusion of separateness.

The illusion of separateness is what causes me pain.

Upon meeting someone, why should I be afraid? We are the same, so how can they harm me?

In working to keep myself apart, protected from a fluid world, I mistake the touch of interconnectedness for a bruising violation.

Likewise, in throwing myself at the feet of the world, I am perpetuating destruction in a fit of selfless inaction.

To destroy myself is to destroy others—we are again the same.

I must not try to isolate myself in a world where boundaries are illusion

I must not try to destroy myself in a world where boundaries are illusion

I must instead engage in this world, to accept its time and pain,

And to enter it without fear so that I may work toward peace and balance

In myself and with others, in a life of compassionate action.


~ by Rachael on April 19, 2011.

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