I’m alive. Barely.

Teach For America Induction, Day 1:

i am too tired to capitalize.  too tired to make witticisms.  too tired to spell check witticisms to see if i spelled it right. and it’s only day 1.

Yesterday I had a mild flight disaster that involved American Airlines playing bait and switch THREE TIMES, causing my travel partner and I to miss our connecting flight.  After schmoozing with the booking agent, I convinced her to put us on a flight nine hours later for a fee of $50 instead of $150.  It was a bad sitch that caused us to miss our welcome dinner, but whatever.  Water… bridge.

Now I’m in Tulsa!  Tulsa.  Things I’ve learned about Tulsa: it looks kind of like Wisconsin in that things are green and there are buildings and there are hills.  There is a Hyatt in the downtown area where I sit.  Yep. That’s pretty much all I’ve learned geographically speaking.

When it comes to teaching, however, I feel I’ve already begun to learn loads.  We spent ALL DAY in meetings today just kind of hashing out ideologies.  There was lots of talk, some tasty sandwiches, and a lot of introductions.

What seems to be wearing me out is all the self-reflection.  I feel so freaking excited about being in an environment where everyone cares passionately about educational reform and everyone has their own story of why they are here.  It’s refreshing and exciting, and I love how you can’t assume you know anyone.  So many come from interesting backgrounds, or poor backgrounds, or have overcome crazy challenges, but we are the ones who were lucky enough to get an education–so you never know.

Still, it’s a little daunting, realizing that my life is a product of things like white privilege, my zip code, and a few bouts of good luck.  There is a lot of “seeing it from my perspective.”  Let’s be honest, as of a few months ago, all I thought about was dead, white Europeans.  Now I’m up to my eyeballs in real-time injustice.  And this isn’t medieval Europe.  It’s my own country.

I feel very naive and very non-constructively idealistic, and that is exhausting, as is talking to loads of strangers.  Still, the fact that I’m here–in the place where change occurs… well hell, it’s brilliant.  For once I’m not the weirdo who won’t shut up.  I’m one of many weirdos.  Hurrah!

Well, I hope that made sense, because I don’t have the energy to proofread it.  Consider this my first official TFA post.  Things are stressful and kind of vague and I’m going to have a hard time adjusting to this new sleep schedule, but holy dude man, this is worth it.


~ by Rachael on June 7, 2011.

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