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So, you’ve stumbled into the mental sandtrap that is my blog.  Well done, traveler.

My name is Rachael.  I am an English teacher.  Last year I would have added 75 other categorizations (medieval history major, community gardener, die-hard Wisconsinite…), but these days mostly I write about teaching, how I survive teaching, and what I do when I’m not teaching.  I work in a “low-income” school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and every day I try to take time to focus, think, and figure out what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how this connects to the bigger picture of my life.  It’s a strenuous process, and I share it with you :)

Please feel free to comment and post!



2 Responses to “About me Blog”

  1. Great blog!

    • Thanks. It’s great to be able to put these thoughts into sentences… and actually have someone understand them!

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